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Pushing Your First .NET Core 1.0 RTM Apps to Cloud Foundry and PCF Dev

Pushing a .NET Core 1.0 RTM application to Cloud Foundry is a fairly straightforward process. Follow the instructions at to get your development machine installed with all the necessary binaries, and create the "Hello World" application as they show you on that page. Next, go to and either create a new project as that page shows you or modify your "Hello World" app from earlier using the instructions on that page.  Run your app locally per the last couple instructions on that page to make sure it works. Next, we need to make some slight tweaks to the application to work better with Cloud Foundry.  Follow the instructions at to add a dependency to your project.json to allow configuration of the Kestrel server via command line arguments.  You will also modi

Recovering from vCenter Appliance Disk Errors on LVM Devices

Let's say you have a ghetto vSphere home lab. And let's say that you are running a vCenter Appliance to manage that home lab because you didn't want to devote a whole physical machine to that task because you are cheap. And let's say you are running a small storage server for that home lab that is hosting the disks for that vCenter Appliance. And let's say that that home storage server is running on a UPS, but _sometimes_ the power goes out for a little bit longer than your UPS can handle and you haven't had the time to configure that file server to shutdown the vSphere hosts before it shuts itself down. Everything comes back up after the power failure, but your vCenter Appliance VM is complaining about file system errors and won't boot.  How do you fix that? Well, the good news is that there are some great guides out there to get you part of the way to a solution.  I followed