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Crazy Sales Phrases

Since I'm in a role now where I regularly get on calls with the sales team to talk tech to customers and prospects, I get to hear to some interesting "sales phases". I think these phrases are borne of an environment where the sales person is trying to keep the upper hand in a conversation by always having a response to some situation. I'll attempt to keep a log of these phrases here. I do have to credit my brother-in-law, Joe, for giving me the idea for doing something like this. When he first moved to my area, he had started keeping a notebook with all the funny stuff he heard during the day. My first entry was heard on a customer call talking about my company and the speaker was trying to communicate to the customer that we are a company with staying power. The phrase that this salesperson uttered was an interesting combination of two common phrases. The resulting was that our company was not one of those "fly by the seat of the night" companies. I heard m