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Git for Recovering SVN/ClearCase/CVS/"Other Old School SCM Tool" Users

Git is really a great way to encourage sharing of code and contributions to projects.  However, as a lot of folks out there, I came from a different background of SCM tools that really weren't as good as dealing with lots of parallel development tracks, branches, and multiple repository coding.  If you are new to Git like I am, you might find the following info useful to demystifying git and find that git is fairly easy to work with if you have a better understanding of how it works. I would first suggest you have a read of the freely available Pro Git.  It gives you the basics of git, and also points out differences that you will see if you are coming from other SCM tools.  You can read that online at or buy it for yourself. One area of particular interest for me is the ability to combine multiple commits into a single commit.  This feature is called "squashing" in git.  It's important to me because I like to commit often.  Committing oft