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Google Chrome Omnibox Instant Search Fix

UPDATE 6/18/2014: It seems that Google has removed the setting referenced in the post below.  There are some folks that have commented that disabling the  chrome://flags/#omnibox-auto-completion-for-ime setting seemed to help them.  I believe the issue I faced originally had to do with some plugin that was registering itself to the omnibox search APIs, and then it was behaving poorly.  As such, I'm not sure the referenced setting would have fixed that sort of problem.  One suggestion would be to disable plugins one at a time and then test omnibox search after each one is disabled. I've been using Google Chrome as my browser for quite a while. One of the features they added to the browser early on was the ability to search the web by simply typing in the location bar. Soon after, Google also added the ability for top search results to show up in a dropdown list under the location bar as you typed. This feature was called "Instant", and made it even faster to get