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Linked Clones for VMware Fusion with Somatic

Update:  As of Fusion 6, this utility is no longer needed, as Fusion 6 includes proper cloning capabilities. In the course of my day job, I need to be able to create VMs to try out my companies software as well as show customers how they might use our products to solve their problems.  To speed up the process of creating new and one-off VMs, I created a little utility called Somatic to help me do that much faster and by using much less disk space than copying a VM. I use a Mac and, since the company that I work for produces a pretty good desktop virtualization solution for the Mac , I use VMware Fusion to host my VMs.  One challenge that I have is that those VMs take up a lot of space per VM, and that eats up the SSD in my MacBook fairly quickly. VMware Workstation for Windows has a fairly nice feature that allows you to create VMs that are based on other VMs called Linked Clones.  Linked Clones allow you to create separate VM that points to the disks of another VM at a particul

Simulate RabbitMQ via RabbitMQSimulator on CloudFoundry

EDIT:  These instructions are a bit out of date on the Cloud Foundry portion since the release of Cloud Foundry v2 at .  I'll post an updated entry describing how to publish to the latest version of Cloud Foundry.  For the mean time, you can access my updated version of the simulator at Alvaro Videla recently posted a great article about a simulator he created to help describe how RabbitMQ passes messages.  This simulator can be run locally, and you can even set up examples ahead of time, export them, and then re-import them as needed.   I was surprised there weren't instructions given for deploying this to Cloud Foundry as well, so I went through the process and documented my steps.  Obviously, for demo purposes, you would probably want to run the the simulator locally to prevent any reliance on the network.  However, for experimentation purposes, Cloud Foundry makes it simple to host and deploy this Node.JS based app a