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Garden at 9 days

In an attempt to keep myself focused on my garden this year, I'm going to try and keep a log of what I'm doing and the results I'm seeing. Hopefully this will also help guilt me into making sure that I keep checking up on the garden and taking care of it. Well, we decided to move our raised beds up to a location that gets better sunlight as our vegetables last year just didn't get enough. All in all, it took me about 3 weekends to get the old bed moved up to the hill, leveled, and then build a second bed for planting. We ran out of dirt from cutting into the hill as the hill is a pretty steep one. I ended up putting in some old rubber mulch as a fill under the front bed. Therese and the kids helped me at various points, and I think the results are pretty good. We're using the same method as last year from the Square Foot Gardening book, although I couldn't get the same vermiculite we used last year. I had to get the bigger, pearl-ized kind. I did find som