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Multimedia message

This is us leaving Omaha. We had a good meeting in the morning, but the afternoon meeting left a little to be desired.

Leaving Denver

We were in a push to leave our last meeting in Denver and I didn't get to grab the picture I really wanted. Denver has some beautifully, harsh landscapes that seem to call out to even the most cloistered homebody to be out in them. We were sweating a bit when we hit some traffic and packed parking at the airport. There weren't any lines for check in or security so we actually made it without too much trouble. Jetting off to Omaha...

JavaFX in an Applet Part 2

After fighting for a while with JavaFX, I've come to the conclusion that it isn't quite ready for me quite yet. Why? I've grown lazy. The IDE tooling around JavaFX is still very early right now. Heck, even the documentation is still a little lacking around the reference side of things. For instance, that F3Applet class. I couldn't find any documentation on that thing anywhere. Plus, I ended up having to JAD the class just to understand how to configure it. But back to the IDE. I know that content assist should be enough for anyone, but I'm more of the opinion that designing UI should be visual. Visual design cuts down on the time it takes see what a UI is going to look like. You don't have code something, and then compile/run it. You can immediately see what it is going to look like. Sure, you can use JavaFX Pad for some of this, but there isn't any palette of components to draw from in that tool. I have to just "know" what all the com

Long Trips are Harsh

Just about to leave on one of the longest trips I've taken in a while. Looking forward to getting this over with. I've got a multi legged trip to Denver, Omaha, and Dallas. I'll be out most of the week and I'm really dreading being away from Therese and the boys. Therese is sick with some kind of cough, and Ian threw up this past weekend. I hate leaving.