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Script to Auto-Enable External Display + FGLRX + Linux

I noticed a cool feature of MacOS that automatically enables an external monitor whenever it is connected, and expands the desktop to it. I figured that this had to be possible to do with Linux as well. I'm running Fedora Core 6 on my work laptop, and I built the following brain-dead script from some stuff I found online. This script is very specific to the FGLRX driver and requires the aticonfig utility. This should be able to be adapted pretty easily to other chipsets or video utilities. It currently only works as a script running as the user, but I'm trying to make this work as a startup service as well. Hopefully someone will find this useful: #!/bin/sh # is a braindead script to autoenable and disable # the external display and properly set the resolution for an # expanded desktop. # # This script is currently tied to aticonfig, but should be able # to be modified to work with other methods to query/(dis|en)able # the external monitor # CHECK_INTERVAL i

JavaFX in an Applet

I saw an example showing how to get JavaFX running in an applet, but I had trouble getting it to work well on Firefox with Java 1.5.0_09 on Linux. After digging around in the javafxrt.jar a bit, I found an F3Applet class that might be helpful. I'm trying that out now.