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Cloud Foundry Buildpacks in Restricted Networks

Cloud Foundry provides a flexible system called "buildpacks" to handle applications that use different runtimes and frameworks. Traditionally, many buildpacks reach out to public sources on the internet for the various runtimes and other supporting binaries needed to support an application. In on-premise deployments on Cloud Foundry, however, it is quite common to limit the access of Cloud Foundry to the internet. One of the great things about buildpacks are that developers can pull them in without having to work with the Operations/Architecture teams.  Unfortunately, a more secured type of an environment can be problematic for many buildpacks. Luckily, there are some strategies you can employ to make custom buildpacks available for developers to use in a more protected deployment of Cloud Foundry. NAT/Transparent Proxy One simple strategy is to allow Cloud Foundry to have access to specific locations on the internet via NAT or some other sort of transparent proxy