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GemFire WAN Replication to AWS

Setting up WAN replication with GemFire between private data centers without NAT-ing is fairly straightforward, but what if you are in a situation where you want to do WAN replication between machines that are separated by a NAT (or even multiple NATs)?  Luckily, GemFire's Gateway Receiver provides for this case with a configuration setting which controls how remote systems connect to it called "hostname-for-clients". Locators You can find out a lot of detail about how WAN replication works at the WAN Replication reference manual page , but I'll recap the basics here.  Just skip down to How to Set up WAN Replication to AWS if you just want an example of a working config. GemFire can use a process called a Locator to maintain a list of all the servers in a single cluster (called a "distributed system" in GemFire parlance).  As servers start up, they register themselves with the Locator (or possible multiple Locators if you run more than one for reli