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I demo-ed a little proof of concept project based on JBoss running locally on a low-end machine with session EJBs. I was fairly happy with the results, as was the person I was demo-ing to. This person originally wanted to go with .NET, but .NET isn't even really a product yet. I try not to hate Micrsoft just because they are Microsoft, but I really believe that J2EE is the way to go for our company. We already have an investment in Java, so it makes sense to stick with that investment for a while as long as that investment is doing well. Here's some perspective on the issue .
<YAWN!> I worked on getting the checkbook back in order until about 4:00 AM this morning. I had to re-enter all of the stuff Therese had entered on her Palm into mine. I guess it could have been worse. Ok, I've still got to walk the dog, and get to work. I'm already pretty late.
Well, after upgrading to Acrobat 5.1 because it kept barfing when trying to load some DocBox plug in, I looked through the documentation for PMT to no avail. Then I checked out the readme, and, sure enough, there was a little blurb under the version 7.4 errata for PMT that states: Share and Transfer to DB menu commands are now supported. These commands permit you to share accounts between two databases. The Transfer to DB command permits this between two databases on the same handheld, while the Share command uses IR beaming to permit sharing of accounts between databases on two different handhelds (note that the beaming feature sometimes fails on older versions of the Palm OS; it is fully supported for 3.5 and above). So I checked Palm for any OS upgrades, because I remember being able to upgrade my Workpad c3 (basically a Palm V) to v 3.5.3 for free. No dice. You can only upgrade the Palm IIIx to version 4.1 of Palm OS even though the main page for older Palm OS upgrades m
I just finished up moving Therese's computer from the downstairs to the upstairs so that she can have a place to use her computer while I'm working on finishing the downstairs. I moved my computer into the room next to the office downstairs, so I'm now trying to catch up on email and bills from last week. The checkbook I use (PMT) on my Workpad c3 is giving me fits when I try to sync it up with Therese's Palm IIIx. I seem to remember something about this in the docmuentation...
Just thought of a way to make our build process faster. We could use ClearCase's clearaudit utility with Ant . If we run Ant in clearaudit then all of the files that Ant creates during a build would be remembered. We could have the Ant script check out the derived objects that ClearCase knows about via lsdo, and then have the script use winkin to get the correct versions of the .class files from the repository. After winkins are all done up, then we could relaunch with auditing turned on, and then do the build on the necessary files.
Read about this very nice laptop this weekend. It's the Area-51 system from AlienWare . <slather><slather><drool><drool>
Found a cool link for small form factor PC mother boards. People have been putting these boards in crazy stuff.