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Thinning the Vegetables

Today, I had to thin out the cabbage as all the sprouts would never have enough room in the bed to grow. This process was quite difficult for me because I had to kill some perfectly healthy sprouts. It was for the benefit of the remaining cabbages, but it was still hard for me to choose. The bed looks a lot more sparse now. I hope the remaining plants get bigger soon. On the plus side, the small thinnings from the cabbage are tasty enough for even my youngest to eat with some ranch dressing. I think I'll take a salad with them for lunch at work tommorow. Today's conditions: Partly Cloudy, High of 84°, with late night thunderstorms.

Dell Streak Wouldn't Connect to Cell Network

I had a bit of a scare this morning with my phone. I have a Dell Streak running Android 2.2 and for some reason this morning when I powered it up, it wouldn't connect to the cellular network. I had grey bars with an X next to them in the status bar, and I couldn't make calls, or get on the internet except for wifi. Going into Settings -> Wireless & networks , I noticed that "Airplane mode" was checked. I figured maybe I set that at some point and forgot, so I tried to uncheck it. The button would stay greyed out for a while, and if I left the settings page and came back, it was still checked. I tried pulling the battery, SIM card, SD card, and then putting the battery back into to restart. Still no cell connection. I pulled the battery out again, put everything back in, but still there was no cell connection. Finally, I searched some forums and found that people have this problem for various reasons. Suggestions ranged from the procedure I tried to a ful