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Creating a base CentOS 6.4 Image for Pivotal HD Installation

Pivotal HD 2.0 is simple to install once you have a proper base to install to. However, there are some prerequisites and some things you can do to make the install process simpler. Although these instructions were mainly for a virtual machine based install, they can be used for a physical machine based install by just ignoring certain steps. Virtual Hardware I started off with a small VM to build the image on. I can always re-size the virtual hardware later on if needed. The base VM I started with was 1 CPU, 2 GB Memory and 8 GB of disk. If you are installing to physical, you probably need to follow the recommended sizing guide for Pivotal HD at . Installing CentOS Next, I installed CentOS 6.4 using the minimal ISO which can be downloaded from . Either burn it to a CD, or USB stick (, or use