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Operating Systems Keep Getting More Complex

My father-in-law's brother just got a new laptop computer from a major manufacturer. Said laptop came installed with the new Windows Vista Home Basic edition. The sales person that sold them the laptop also recommended Windows Live OneCare to make sure that the computer's health, security and all that stuff that non-technical folks don't do would be taken care of. This was the first time I've had a chance to see Vista for anything more than a couple minutes in the store, so I was interested to see how much had changed. First off, the interface looked much more stylized than previous windows versions. Certainly not as much as I would imagine Windows Vista Home Premium would be, but the default theme seemed sort of like some of the acrylic coated stuff I'm used to seeing from the Apple side of the house. However, there are zillion icons on the desktop for software or services that I can't believe most people would care about. Also, there are a ton of icon