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My wife (and Magnetix) are awesome!

So I was replacing the passenger side low beam on my 2000 Honda Accord, when I dropped one of the screws that hold the bulb into the socket. The screw fell into cavity where the air intake for the engine sits. Of course, it falls and rolls to place where I can't reach it, and I begin to cuss myself for not having one of those great magnetic screw grabbers. Just about that time, my wife asks me how things are going, and I'm fishing around with a tie strap to try and get the screw to a point to where I can grab it. I mention this to my wife, and she says, "You just bought that set of Magnetix for our son, why don't you use one of the magnets from that?" I grab the set, pull out one of the little (and very strong) magnets from the set, affix it to the end of the tie strap, and after about 10 seconds of fishing, Voila! I put the screw back in and tell my wife just how awesome she is!