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We closed on the house! After going to the bank to empty our savings account of the proceeds of the sale of our first house, we carried our down payment check into the lawyer's offices. Therese and I were a little scared, but we were very much ready to get out of the two bedroom crapartment. We walked into the lawyer's office at about 9:00 AM. Before filling out the paperwork, the laywer mentioned that they hadn't recieved funds for the loan yet, but that we should worry because they should be there by the time we finish signing the papers. So off to signing we went... After finishing up, we waited for a little while for the lawyer to have one of the assistants copy all the papers and check on the status of the funds from the mortgage. So we waited. And we waited some more. Finally the lawyer popped back in and said that the funds for one of the loans made it, but the other load was taking some time. At 11:00 AM, the lawyer suggested that we might want to head out

First Walkthrough in our New Home

Here's a photo of the new house as of our last walkthrough. Just want to plug Sharp Residental as a pretty darn good builder. We spent a couple hours going over everything with a fine tooth comb, and my wife and I noted less problems than the Sharp representative that walked through with us! If you are looking for a quality builder, Sharp Residential does a great job. Only 7 days until our closing, and Therese, Ian, and I are very excited!