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Local Troubleshooting Technique for CloudFoundry HWC Apps Running in Windows 2012R2

Cloud Foundry gives us a simple way to get Windows applications normally hosted in IIS to production quickly with the HWC Buildpack .  However, when the application fails to stage or run, it can be difficult to figure out what is going on.  You can actually run your application locally in a similar way to the way the HWC Buildpack would cause your application to run in Cloud Foundry by running the HWC executable locally against your app. The HWC Buildpack relies on the HWC project  to actually run your application in Cloud Foundry.  The HWC process uses Microsoft's Hostable Web Core to run a mini version of IIS in a process that your application is hosted in.  The HWC project creates releases of the executable  that you can download an run locally on your workstation. Before running HWC, you'll need to make sure your workstation has some pre-requisites installed.  If you go to the Running the Tests (Windows Only) section of the in the HWC Project , you will see a