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P.S. Don't Forget About .NET, Java, and Javascript!

Analysis of Job Salary and Demand by Skill from Sure, to many developers, they aren't as "cutting-edge" as working with Ruby and they aren't as exciting as Python, or Go. By most measures though, .NET, Java and Javascript are still the leaders in terms of number of jobs available and the salaries those jobs command . This means that companies are still hiring like crazy for these skills. That means they are still creating and maintaining applications that use these technologies. This is why it is critically important for anyone creating a platform to run applications to be able to support all 3 of these top-tier languages and the services required by them. Cloud Foundry , the open source Platform as a Service project, has had great support for Java and Javascript (as well as Ruby, PHP, Python, Go and many other languages) for quite some time with its flexible Buildpack system. A huge hole in Cloud Foundry, however, has been support for .NET appli