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Suppressing messages in FreeNAS/FreeBSD about unknown USB Devices

I like to run my FreeNAS server on a UPS to make sure that it doesn't die in the middle of some file operation, and can do an orderly shutdown in case of a power failure. I'm also very cheap, so I went down to my local Fry's to find what sort of UPS I could get for a low cost. I ended up buying a CyberPower 645AVR UPS expressly for this purpose. Of course, I made sure to connect the UPS to the FreeNAS box via USB to allow FreeNAS to know when the power is out. Upon doing this, I was able to configure FreeNAS to start up the UPS service, and begin monitoring the UPS status. Unfortunately, I was noticing messages in my log every few minutes like the following: Dec 30 14:18:18 xxxx root: Unknown USB device: vendor 0x0764 product 0x0501 bus uhub3 So I did a little digging and found out that FreeBSD, the underlying OS for FreeNAS, uses a service called devd to manage automated actions for USB (and other) device events. After reading up on the man page about the /etc/devd