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Ivan has passed

Got up early this morning to inspect the damage from Hurricane Ivan, which passed over us last night. Everything was pretty much in order, except that the pine bark mulch in one of our front flower beds decided that rafting was much more exciting than drowning. We lost power a couple times before going to bed, but never for very long. Phone service stayed active, but cable service dropped out on occasion. Probably the most worrisome event was the slow approach of water towards our house due to the intense rainfall. The flood waters crested about 2-3 feet away from our house, so we were spared from a basement swimming pool. Those in along the Gulf Coast in Alabama, and Florida were not so lucky.

Quality Improvement to Internal J2EE Application

I'm investigating improving our application testing process. We currently have Mercury TestDirector, LoadRunner, and WinRunner, but our testing people aren't really using them right now. I'm working on formalizing their process a bit with these tools, and trying to get an additional tool (Mercury Monitoring and Diagnostics for J2EE) to help continuously monitor our applications. Our current server for this stuff is also running NetIQ's WebTrends Log Analyzer, MSSQL Server (with about 30 databases only used for testing), a custom J2EE application, and MapInfo's Routing J Server (not really being used right now). The server is a Dell Poweredge 600SC, with a 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 Processor, about 1G of memory, and about 60G of storage (2 disks, system disk is at 5% utilization, data disk is at about 90% utilization). I'm thinking about just adding some diskspace to it to allow it to handle some more applications, but I'm a little afraid about running all those