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Cleaning Up Stale PKS Kubernetes LoadBalancer IP allocations in NSX-T

I was working in a proof of concept environment using NSX-T where we didn't have a lot of IPs in the Floating IP pool for k8s clusters provisioned by PKS. We had two clusters deployed and we were trying to start up a few pods with a LoadBalancer service. The problem we hit was that the pods wouldn't startup, and were failing in the "Init" status. We weren't seeing enough details via kubectl , so we found the node that was trying to start the Pod's containers, and checked the kubelet.log for more details. Interestingly, we noticed some messages about NSX-T right before the pods failed. This got us thinking that although these particular pods didn't have any special initialization, NSX-T was doing some work to try and allocate resources for the Pod to expose it via a LoadBalancer service. On a hunch, I checked the NSX-T Manager, and went to Inventory -> Groups -> IP Pools section, and noticed that the Floating IP Pool had all the IPs allocated