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SQL Server "no count", and Hibernate StaleStateException

Recently an application my company wrote had suddenly stopped working. We were getting an exception from Hibernate in some maintenance tasks we were doing on server startup. The exception string was: org.hibernate.StaleStateException: Unexpected row count: 0; expected: 1 I wondered how this could even be possible since no one was in the DB at the time the server was starting up. The person who reported this error said it was only happening on this one instance of MS SQL server, and no where else. So I proceeded to debug remotely from my workstation to the server instance that failing. I noticed that the message on the StaleStateException was that the number of updated rows "0" did not match the expected row count of "1". This was even more confounding to me as I could even see that the row existed in the database. Plus, Hibernate would re-inserted the row if I deleted it, and yet I would _still_ get the StaleStateException. I should have listened to the perso