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Cold Smoked Salmon on the Big Green Egg

I didn't come up with these instructions, but I wanted to capture them for future reference. I have done hot smoked salmon on the BGE before, but I wanted to try my hand at cold smoking before the weather got too hot here.  We went to Harry's Farmers Market (basically a Whole Foods) to snag some really nice salmon.  It was a bit pricy for a piece of a filet, but we don't eat smoked salmon all that often.  I figured it was worth the splurge, so we got about a 1.5 lb piece of farm raised salmon. Based on my completely unscientific experiences with salmon, I tend to find that farm raised salmon has more fat.  To me, this fat tends to make for a more tender fish and lends a buttery flavor to the finished product.  I have read that the farm raised salmon tend to have a more rich diet than wild and this is the reason for the higher fat content.  Whatever the reason, the farm raised salmon I can get near me tends to be better than the wild salmon that I can get. After getting the