Dell Streak Wouldn't Connect to Cell Network

I had a bit of a scare this morning with my phone. I have a Dell Streak running Android 2.2 and for some reason this morning when I powered it up, it wouldn't connect to the cellular network. I had grey bars with an X next to them in the status bar, and I couldn't make calls, or get on the internet except for wifi.

Going into Settings -> Wireless & networks , I noticed that "Airplane mode" was checked. I figured maybe I set that at some point and forgot, so I tried to uncheck it. The button would stay greyed out for a while, and if I left the settings page and came back, it was still checked.

I tried pulling the battery, SIM card, SD card, and then putting the battery back into to restart. Still no cell connection. I pulled the battery out again, put everything back in, but still there was no cell connection.

Finally, I searched some forums and found that people have this problem for various reasons. Suggestions ranged from the procedure I tried to a full factory wipe and re-install! I didn't want to wipe everything, so I tried going to Settings -> About Phone -> System updates to see if there was some Android update out there. Of course, there seemed to be no new updates out there. Going to the bottom of the About Phone list showed that I was running the 12821 build of Android 2.2 from Dell. Based on my searches, it seems like that is the latest version of the phone OS as of this post.

A little more digging in the forums found a direct link for the 12821 build of the OS at This version string at the end of my URL doesn't match my baseband version, but I figured it would be worth a shot. After navigating to this link in the phone browser, the phone downloaded the 12821 build, I then tapped the notification that the update had downloaded, and my phone proceeded to try to install the update.

I'm not sure if anything really was updated since I was already at the 12821 build, but after the phone rebooted I saw that the cellular indicator was showing full blue bars again, and the phone now was no longer in Airplane mode.


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