Cell Phone, Deconstructed

Honestly, I was just trying to be helpful. I figured, "Hey! I know how I can help! Laundry needs to be done, so I'll start with the blue jeans..."

Of course, my wife doesn't own a waterproof cell phone, and I don't remember to check pockets, so my efforts to "help" ended up with a freshly washed cell phone smelling faintly like a clean breeze and water under the plastic cover for the display.

Knowing that electricity and water don't do very much good for the metal in the phone, I removed the battery immediately. The one thing I think I might have going for me is that we have one of those front-loading, water-saving clothes washers. They don't fully submerge clothes for very long, so I'm hoping that with a good drying out for a few days, the phone may be salvageable. Big ups to LG for making a very easy to disassemble phone.

I'm crossing my fingers, even though my wife is probably hoping for the worst.


ailsa said…
I'm looking for an image of all the bits and pieces that make up a cell phone, would you be willing for me to use this image in a Phd thesis on the use of technologies? Please let me know, ailsa.haxell@aut.ac.nz

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