Fedora 8

This is my first post after migrating my laptop from Fedora 6 to Fedora 8. The upgrade process have been fairly painless. I took the i386 Live CD, and tried it out on my Lenovo T60, and was able to get almost everything working right out of the box. I backed up my old home directory, repartitioned (not required, but I wanted to change a few things), and installed. Then I created my user, installed all the software I wanted, then restored my home directory.

I was able to install the fglrx driver from livna, and get perfect 2D/3D working with no issues and no hacking of xorg.conf. The only thing is that ATI claims they support AIGLX with the 8.42.3 version of the driver, but there seems to be some slight problem with compiz believing that to be true. So, for the short term I hope, Desktop Effects are a no go without going to XGL.

Sound, and wireless are working flawlessly as well. I think we may be at a turning point with Fedora and out of box experience.


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