Moving, we hope...

We got a finalized offer on our house in a record 5 days, and now the job of actually moving begins. We are moving to a great new neighborhood in Cherokee County with lots of walking trails, pools, forest and fields, etc. Therese has been working her arse off putting most of this move together, and I've only just started to be able to help out. We worked on the garage this weekend, and we cleared out a bunch of garbage. It's funny how much "plaque" you build up when you live in a house. Little bits of plastic or metal that you think you might need later for some project sometime just kinda accumulate. I still can't bring myself to throw out network cards, or video cards, or old hard drives.

Anyway, during our cleansing of the garage, I found out that our hot water heater is leaking. Oh, joy... Of course, since we have a buyer and a closing date, the whole house is going to start falling in on itself. Luckily, Home Depot got someone out to us at 10:30 AM after I called them at 8:30 AM. Very fast service, IMHO. The final price tag is going to be about $800, though. I just hope we get a good bonus at work this quarter. :$

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