Issues with cutting

I had a little trouble cutting the slots for the tabs that are on the bottom of adapter cards today. I burnt up a Dremel cutting bit, and broke a drill bit trying to get through the bottom of the enclosure. I remember reading something about "cutting oil", so I might need to get some of that when I get a new Dremel bit for cutting. I'll do some more looking around to see what others are doing.

I did find a power supply that might work for me. It's made for a 2U rackmount server, but it has the proper dimensions to fit next to the mother board. My only concern is going to be noise. I'm guessing that since it goes into a server, it is going to be loud. I'll keep looking, but it is encouraging to find something with the right dimensions.

I also stumbled across the ATI All-in-wonder X800 XT. Seems like the perfect card, but I'm going to have to make sure it works with whatever OS I'm going to go with.

Speaking of OS, I'm thinking about going with MythTV, since it seems fairly configurable and has a lot of the functionality I would want for this box built right in. Also, it's modularity looks like it should allow me to plug in new functionality if I want.


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